How it works

If project is locked, all its activities / roles and tasks disappear from people’s time tracking list and the records in their timesheets cannot be edited anymore.

How to lock a project

Start by editing any existing project and go to Personnel costs. There are two options how to lock the project from here:

Lock people, activities / roles or tasks one by one

When it’s needed to lock the project partially, click the lock icon next to the person, activity / role or task.

Lock the whole project

Locking the whole project is easily done using the Advanced options menu in Personnel costs. Just select the Lock all activities option and you’re set.

Why lock projects

  • It’s handy to lock a project when you don’t want completed activities / roles or tasks to appear in someone’s time tracking.

  • When working on a project spanning several months, project locking can be used to only show the project in people’s time tracking when their tasks are planned to be worked on.

Automatic project locking

Costlocker sometimes locks your running projects itself. It normally happens, when a RECURRING project finishes.

Automatic locking of RECURRING projects when their scheduled period ends

If you create a fee-based project that should automatically get duplicated on the 1st day of every month, and at the same time, select the Lock it option; when the 1st of the month comes, the old project will disappear from time tracking and timesheet editing will be disabled. If someone needs to edit their timesheet anyway, it’s easy to manually unlock the project: go to the project’s Personnel costs and:

  • either unlock individual people, activities / roles or tasks by clicking the lock icon

  • or use the Advanced options menu and use the Unlock all activities button

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