Use the Costlocker API to connect your favorite applications to Costlocker.

Creating clients and projects in third party apps

Are you using Asana or Trello for project management or ResourceGuru for resourcing your team? Use the Costlocker API and as soon as there’s a new project created in it, a new client and project will become available in other apps of your choice. This saves you the hassle of entering the same data in several places manually.

Creating folders on Dropbox or Google Drive

Are you using Dropbox or Google Drive as a place to store all project-related documents such as client briefs, meeting minutes, source files or invoices? Costlocker can create these client and project folders automatically.

Notifications about lack of tracking

Want to know who keeps forgetting to track time? Costlocker can tell you by sending automatic e-mail or Slack notifications. Use the API to set up whether you want to get notified about people who haven’t tracked anything for the past 3 days, or about people who tracked less than 30 hours during the past week.

How it works

Send your developer a link to our tech blog, where they’ll find all the information they need for successful Costlocker integration.

Besides that, your developer is going to need an API token to your account. You can generate the token yourself by clicking your name in the upper right corner of the application screen. Next, click Settings and then the API tab –

Finally, copy the API token and send it to the developer.

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