If there’s a developer on your team, you can take the basic financial reports one step further and use the Costlocker API to create your own, custom reports.

Which of the employees have earned their salary

Let’s see how much billable hours you sold per individual people in individual months. You can then compare this to their salaries and see who made you profit and who generated losses.

This report has already been created, so your developer won’t have much to do. Just send them this link, where they can learn how to do it: https://github.com/costlocker/reports.

Comparing the performance of departments

Create your own financial report to compare account managers, designers, developers and social media managers according to how much turnover, profit or billable hours they generated each month.

How much profit you generated on external project expenses

Any able developer can use our API to request the buying and selling prices of your projects’ external expenses. This way you’ll learn how much profit these external expenses made you, or which clients made you the biggest profit by buying re-sold external expenses from you.

It’s up to you what kinds of reports you’ll create

The Costlocker API lets you access virtually any data in your account. What you do with it after that is up to you. Some of our clients use the API to import Costlocker data into tools that deal with business intelligence and analytics, such as https://www.tableau.com/.

How to use Costlocker API

Send your developer a link to our tech blog, where they’ll find all information they need for successful Costlocker integration.

Besides that, your developer is going to need an API token to your account. You can generate the token yourself by clicking your name in the upper right corner of the application screen. Next, click Settings and then the API tab – https://new.costlocker.com/settings/api.

Finally, copy the API token and send it to the developer.

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