Proper time tracking is a prerequisite to correct calculation of financial metrics about your company’s performance and effectiveness. That’s why we want to make it as convenient as possible.

Download the desktop time tracking application for Mac. The Windows app is currently being developed.

Costlocker knows, when you’re away

You know the drill – going for a coffee, talking to a colleague, and you get to your computer 20 minutes later. The clock is still running though, and gets recorded on your project. However, when you come back, you can decide what to do with this idle time.

There are 3 options:

  • Include the time in the project and continue tracking

  • Exclude the time from the project and retrospectively finish tracking by the time you left your computer

  • Exclude the time from the project and start tracking on a different project

The default idle time is set for 15 minutes, which means that the idle time prompt will only pop up after 15 or more minutes of inactivity. This setting can be easily changed – just open the app, click its icon and select Application settings. Enter the desired duration into the Detect idle time after field, and the setting will be saved automatically.

The top bar shows the project title and tracking duration

Instead of looking for the right browser tab to see if and what you’re tracking, just look at the top bar and immediately see what you’re tracking into and how much time has already elapsed. It’s even possible to set up what you want to see in the top bar. Is it just the project name or the time? No problem. You can override the default setting (both name and time) in the Application settings. Just set the relevant option ON or OFF. The change will be saved automatically.

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