The total project budget (Revenue) reads $50.000.

The Billing tab shows that you have invoiced 40% of the project and the remaining $30.000 are planned to be invoiced soon.

If you need to decrease the original project budget at this moment, say because of a discount you’re giving the client for screwing up, go to the Cost estimate tab, click the Edit discount button and enter the project discount. When trying to save, you will be notified that Costlocker cannot save the changes, because the total project budget (Revenue) would be lower than the billing total (i.e. what has been invoiced + what is going to be invoiced).

How to enter discounts

Click the Update billing of this project button, which will redirect you to the Billing project tab. You’ll learn that you’re going to invoice $5.000 more than the total project budget (Revenue) allows, and that’s not possible.

It’s necessary to lower the last billing item by $5.000, i.e. the last invoice will read only $25.000.

The only thing left to do is to save the changes – your discount will now be recorded and reflected in your reports properly.

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