The total project budget (Revenue) is $50.000.

On the Billing project tab, you can see that the project has been completely invoiced.

Where to enter other payments on top of the original agreement

Let’s say the client wants to pay you a success fee of $20.000. But if you enter it as a separate billing item, Costlocker will warn you that you have exceeded the budget.

Moreover, you wouldn’t be able to save after trying to do so.

The reason for this is that Costlocker makes sure that you don’t invoice more than the total project budget. In other words, it won’t allow you to invoice anything that’s not included in the original budget.

Any additional payments have to be entered into the original project budgets.

To be able to invoice the $20.000 success fee, go back to the Cost estimate tab and click the Edit project expensesbutton. This is where you’ll enter the additional profit – and because there were no costs associated with it, leave the Purchased field empty.

This will increase the total project budget (Revenue) by $20.000, also increasing the original budget from $50.000 to $70.000.

Only now can you go back to the Billing tab and invoice the remaining project profit.

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