This project report includes important information about its current status. Most importantly, it shows the comparison of the Cost estimate to actual tracked time.

Team and activity status

This team overview is handy to learn who has tracked how much time on what, especially when compared to the original estimate. The report can be broken down into individual tasks and roles, providing very detailed insights into how the team is doing.

Pro tip: You don’t have to expand the activities one by one. Just click the Expand all button and you’ll see all the activities at once.

What’s more, all the data can be exported into Excel (.xls).

Visual reports

Use the visual report format to immediately see who’s doing great and who has overtracked their estimated budgets. This is a lot more convenient for comparisons than looking at a spreadsheet with numbers.

The filter allows you to get detailed insights into all of the basic financial metrics Costlocker keeps an eye on in all of your projects.

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