Save time and have your colleagues trained

In order for your financial reports to be accurate, your colleagues should know how to use Costlocker effectively and correctly. Let us save you the hassle and train them ourselves, while your focus on analyzing the reports to make decisions based on real data.

How it works

It’s not necessary to train everyone at your company – it’s only important for those who will be creating projects in Costlocker, i.e. account managers, project managers or back office staff. The training takes 2 hours at most and takes place at your premises.

The aim of this training is for your colleagues to learn how to use Costlocker correctly. When we’re finished, they’ll know how to create and watch project budgets, export timesheets for your clients and enter upcoming invoices.

As a bonus, we’ll help you with the initial setup of Costlocker, making sure that you know: - what tags to use - what internal projects to create - how to define your rates for individual clients - what monthly running costs you shouldn’t forget to enter

Last but not least, we’ll focus at the best practices in using Costlocker. We’ll show you how other agencies use Costlocker or what you should periodically check to ensure accurate financial reports.

How much it costs

The training itself is free if you’ve already subscribed to Costlocker. If not, we charge $100 for 2 hours of training.

Interested in training your colleagues?

Drop us a line at and we’ll arrange a date and time at your convenience.

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