Running a successful agency is a tough job, especially if you’re on your own, without a partner to check your opinions and decisions with. What’s more, if you’re doing this for the first time, there’s no benchmark or reference to let you know whether you’re doing it right or wrong.

Now you don’t have to rely solely on your gut. We’ll be glad to help you make smart business decisions and consult any challenges you’re facing. Hire us as your personal coach and grow your business effectively.

Common issues that business owners consult with us

  • I don’t know how to differentiate from other agencies on the market

  • I don’t have a clue how to set up my reward system to keep people motivated

  • We lose tenders often and don’t know why

  • I can’t seem to find the right price for our services

  • I don’t have a clear idea about how much time I should devote to promoting our services

  • I don’t know whether to focus on my own clients or rather work on subcontracts for other agencies

  • We can’t meet the deadlines we set for project delivery

  • We don’t know how to make time estimates and keep losing money

Why we decided to start coaching agency owners

We never planned to start coaching, but after more and more agency owners started turning to us with their business issues, we realized that coaching provides great added value to Costlocker.

How it works

At our first meeting, we’ll go over the challenges your company is currently facing. This is where we decide whether coaching is the right thing to do and whether we can help you in any way.

If we both agree that there’s something we can do, we’ll suggest a coaching plan of regular sessions where we’ll discuss your business issues in detail and look for solutions together.

To provide as much value as possible, we build not only on our experience from the agency business, but on our network of contacts as well. If needed, we’ll invite a specialist to help tackle specific issues in detail, saving you both time and trouble.

If, at any point, you start to feel that the coaching isn’t helping, we’ll readjust the plan or stop altogether.

How much it costs

We charge $250 per every hour we spend solving your challenges. That includes our sessions, as well as preparation and research. We track all our time in Costlocker and invoice accordingly when coaching is finished.

Meet our coach

If you decide for our coaching services, you’ll be meeting Kamil Skramuský, co-founder of Costlocker and co-owner of the agency 2FRESH.

Kamil has more than 15 years of experience in the agency business. Feel free to check him out at his LinkedIn profile, or get in touch directly at his e-mail

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