We are doing a significant upgrade of our application again, and we decided to launch the new version on app.costlocker.com.

There are a few frequently asked questions for migration:

1. How will my data be migrated to the new address?

You don't need to migrate data; both versions are fully compatible and share the same database. Currently, you can use both new.costlocker.com and app.costlocker.com.

2. When will new.costlocker.com be deactivated?

In a couple of weeks, we will redirect all users from new.costlocker.com to app.costlocker.com. Until then, we keep new.costlocker.com available.

3. I found a bug, shall I tell you? How?

Yes, please! We did very deep testing of the new version. Unfortunately, some issues can still come up. If you find a bug, please let us know via chat in the application or send us an email to support@costlocker.com

4. What will happen to the API available on the current address?

The existing API will be available until 30.10.2022. All you need to do is change new.costlocker.com to rest.costlocker.com, where is fully compatible API available.

For details, please look into our Apiary documentation

5. What new is in the application?

Currently, we added mobile-optimized views for almost all screens in the application. It's not 100 % yet, but we're still working on this.
All the other features are the same as you know from the current application.

6. What new features do you prepare?

We're working on an update of Project Costs and the ability to manage multiple budgets in a single Project. If you are interested in details, please contact us via Chat or at support@costlocker.com.

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