To ensure greater flexibility and more accessible work, we have implemented a new payment gateway - Stripe. We are gradually moving all accounts on Stripe.

Essential information about the changes

The number of licenses no longer needs to be adjusted Subscription section manually

The number of licenses automatically depends on the number of Active People in your Costlocker account on the new payment gateway. It allows you to add new people without manually editing your subscription.

You can add new people to your Costlocker account by adding more people in the People section or increasing the number of people in your subscription by reactivating deactivated people.

Credit system for all types of subscriptions

If you deactivate any users during the period of subscription that is already prepaid, the ratio for the unused period will then be transferred to a credit, which will automatically reduce the next invoice. It now applies to all subscription types.

Combined subscription canceled

Due to the above advantages - credit system and flexibility in adding new users for all types of subscriptions, it will no longer be possible to combine different subscriptions.

The new payment gateway is not the only news!

Classically you are logging in at The new payment gateway is implemented on a new version of our application, which you can find at

The new and old versions of the applications are fully compatible. I.e., the data is identical, and the changes will take effect at both addresses, no matter where you make the change. (Both applications use the same database).

Subscription administration & Invoices

For information about your subscription and payment details administration, see the Subscription section at

Here you will find all the information about your subscription, including invoices.

If you are an existing client and would like to be migrated, preferably so that you can already take advantage, or if you have any questions about this payment gateway, do not hesitate to contact us at or directly to the chat in the application.


Payment card data is stored only with Stripe and our company does not have any access to it. More information on how Stripe handles security can be found on their website under the Security section.

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