What are activities and roles?

Activities or roles are what you invoice your clients for, including, but not limited to:

  • Project management

  • Design

  • Senior design

  • DTP

  • SEO

  • Analysis

  • Internal duties

  • Testing

  • Art director

  • Account manager

…and lots more. Each of us has a different way of calling it, which is why these can be either activities or roles.

How to create a new project activity / role

There are two ways of adding an activity or role to a project: - create an activity / role during project setup - creating an activity / role independently from project setup

How to create activities / roles separately

Select Activities in the top bar, then click the Add a new Activity button.

Continue by entering the name of the activity or role.

Pro tip: Create all the activities and roles you offer to any of your clients, and only then start creating individual clients. Read why this is handy in the Creating and duplicating clients guide.

How the Deactivate Activity option works

If you stopped offering an activity or role to your clients, you can deactivate it, so that it won’t show up in the third step of creating a new project. If you deleted the activity instead, you’d lose all the data associated with it, including projects and timesheets. That would lead to serious distortion of the financial project results.

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