As soon as you log in to Costlocker, you’ll see a graph showing the current financial performance of your company in monthly segments. You can easily see how your business has been doing so far, but Costlocker also tells you more about the future – for example whether the upcoming invoices will cover the costs of the upcoming months.

Total monthly results

If you hover your mouse over the graph, basic information about your financial performance for that month will pop up.

  • the blue column shows how much you have invoiced in total

  • the grey column shows how much is still left to invoice in the current month

  • the table to the right shows your total billing for the current month, if all goes well

  • the yellow and brown columns show your expenses for the month, which are further broken down in the table – Overhead costs and Project expenses, Salaries, Wages and Bonuses

  • the red column is there because the current costs are bigger than what has been invoiced so far. If it was the other way around, a dark green column would show

  • the light green column shows what profit you’ll achieve in the current month if you invoice everything as planned

Detailed monthly performance

Clicking any month in the Company performance graph will reveal a detailed breakdown of the income and expenses for that month.

Income for the month

  • Billed – how much you have invoiced already

  • Billing planned – how much you’re still planning to invoice (based on the planned invoices in all of the Billing project tabs)

  • Remaining billings – how much there is left to bill the current month – even if nobody has planned any billings yet, but some projects are scheduled to end (Estimated end date) and there’s still something left to be invoiced.

Expenses for the month

  • Overheads – how much you need to pay for fixed monthly running costs

  • Monthly salaries – how much you need to pay for people’s salaries

  • Hourly salaries – how much you need to pay in hourly wages (based on tracked time)

  • Purchased project expenses – how much you need to pay for external project expenses

Performance outlook

The Company performance offers a look at the upcoming months, too. This enables you to see whether you’ve planned enough billing to cover your future expenses.

This screen shows your financial performance in 2 months. It can be seen that there’s enough billing planned (grey column), so the income should cover the expenses (yellow and brown columns). That’s why the light green column shows a profit – under the condition that you really invoice everything as planned and that there will be no increase in estimated costs.

Cumulative financial report of the current year

The top of the graph shows two numbers:

  • the real profit that has been generated since January 1

  • what the profit could have been if you managed to invoice all you planned

Expected fee-based income in the upcoming months (RECURRING projects)

If you look 5 months ahead, you’ll see the income from your fee-based projects.

If there are expenses set up in your RECURRING projects as well, these will be shown too.

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