Bulk timesheet editing lets you edit, remove or move several tracked time reports at once.

Moving time that was tracked into a different project accidentally

If you want to move all tracked time records from one project to another, say when you tracked into a wrong project, start by opening the project you tracked into.

Select all the records to be moved to a different project. You can select records on several pages at the same time. Continue by clicking the Move selection button. You’ll see all the selected records that are going to be moved.

Next, select the project you want to move the records to and confirm by clicking the Move button.

What problems could I encounter while moving records?

You can only move records that already exist in the target project. If they don’t, we’ll notify you that they can’t be moved.

Clicking the Why? link will show you why we can’t move them.

If this occurs, open the target project (use ALT+F for quick project lookup) and access the Cost estimate tab. When you’re there, click Edit personnel costs and enter all the missing activities / roles, tasks and people. Then get back to the timesheet and repeat the whole process again.

Removing tracked time records

If it’s needed to remove accidental or erroneous time records tracked on a project, start by selecting these entries by clicking them. Once they’ve been selected, click the bin button. You will be prompted to confirm the removal of the selected records, which you can do using the Yes, delete it button.

If you change your mind before confirmation and don’t want to delete some of the records, just remove them from the selection by unchecking them.

Editing tracked time records

Bulk editing of tracked time records is useful when you want to make the same edit to many different (or all) records – such as entering the same note to all of them. Start by selecting these records and continue by clicking the Edit selection button.

Now you can add a note to all of the records at once.

When you’re finished, confirm the edits by clicking the Save button.

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