Proper time tracking is a prerequisite to correct calculation of financial metrics about your company’s performance and effectiveness. That’s why we want to make it as convenient as possible.

Tracking time retrospectively using the Timesheet is just one of the options how to track time. Learn about the other options and see what’s best for you. You can also use the Start/Stop function

How to retrospectively enter the time spent on a project using the Timesheet

Start by selecting Timesheet in the top bar and click the green Add new time entry button.

There are two ways of entering time into the timesheet: - for the day - for the whole week.

Entering time for the day

Entering time for the whole week

In this case, you can consecutively enter all the projects you want to assign tracked time to, and save just once.

Entering other people’s time

When entering tracked time retrospectively using Time tracking, you can only add records for yourself. If you need to enter someone else’s time, use the Timesheet.

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