All project cost estimates can be created in Costlocker and then exported into Excel to be sent to the client.

Advantages of exporting

  • You’ll save lots of time by exporting from Costlocker, as opposed to creating calculations in Excel and entering them into Costlocker once they’re approved.

  • Costlocker doesn’t make mistakes. When working in Excel, there’s always a chance that human error may lead to wrong calculations – and invoices.

What the exported budget looks like in Excel

Exported budget limitations

  • It’s currently not possible to download a file with other than English descriptions

  • Only paying customers will have their billing info transferred into Excel

  • The only current way to include your logo in the Excel header is to insert it manually

  • It’s currently not possible to select a different template – there’s only one

How to export a project budget into Excel

Go to the project page and click the Cost estimate tab.

Then, click Export to Excel on the bottom of the screen – an .xls file will be downloaded.

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