Auto ID is an automatically generated unique project number in a certain format (e.g. 1700001, 1700002, etc.). This ensures that the numerical series will be retained and helps people create projects easily, as they don’t have to think about project IDs themselves.

Global Auto ID settings

The global Auto ID setting defines whether there will be Auto IDs generated for all newly created projects, no matter if they are STANDARD or RECURRING.

To access the global Auto ID settings, click your name in the upper right corner and select Settings. Then click the Company Settings tab.

The Auto ID setting is off by default. Checking the Auto ID checkbox will automatically generate IDs for all newly created projects, so that when creating a project, you’ll see the ID field of the first step (Project Details) pre-filled with an automatically generated ID.

If you want to override this setting in a particular project and set your own ID, it’s easy: just uncheck the respective checkbox in the Project Details screen when creating a new project.

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